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SK 100 S TT


The Thermal break of the medium sliding system SW 100 S TT is provided by a PVC gasket along the internal part of the frame.

The sliding system works on a steel rail.The closing of the corner is ensured by a pull square and an additional screwing one.

Thanks to the sash capacity of 150 kg this system is the ideal to make large glass surfaces which can embellish the architectural style where they are used.

THERMAL BREAK MEDIUM SLIDE SYSTEM WITH SASH CAPACITY OF 150 KG. THERMAL BREAK sliding system for parallel sliding doors manufacturing with 2 or more sashes for windows and doors of medium dimensions. The Thermal break is obtained with 18 mm polyamide.


With a section of 100,7 mm, and sash with 61,3 mm.


Primary alloy 6060.


Cherry, Maple and Hardwood Oak, Rough ramin.



Technical Details